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Important note:
Retail Stores - Repair Centers
Front Glass Repairs are intended for screen refurbishment only.
Do not offer clients glass repairs on their devices.
Always repair the entire screen on client's devices since
Front Glass Repairs has a success rate of 70%.

When a screen gets cracked, depending on the impact, some screens may be left with a fragile flex cable. What does that mean? When we attempt to repair the front glass on a display with a fragile flex cable, under the slightest pressure will no longer turn on, develop lines, or begin to flash. Simply put, the glass repair will fail, leaving the display unusable & a new screen will be required. We will not provide any screen swaps or new screens if the glass repair fails. Other common damages that will decrease the repair success rate to 30% are: Water Damages, Heat Damages, Black Spots & lines on the screen. Unfortunately, there is no diagnosis we can perform to determine if a screen will have a high or low success rate before performing a glass repair. Repairing the front glass does not remove any black spots, lines or burns on the screen, it only replaces the cracked glass. After a glass repair, if there are any bubbles left on the screen, they will slowly desolve usually within 2 to 3 weeks.
By repairing your cracked with us, you verify you have read, understood & agreed to the risks mentioned above.

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